03 fevereiro, 2009

Ambiente, desenvolvimento e Médio Oriente

num artigo muito interessante retirado do blogue Arab democracy - blogue que aconselho vivamente.

«The Cedar Island: A Lebanese "Truman Show"

It has been confirmed. Noor International Holding unveiled last week its plan to build an artificial "Cedar Island" off the Lebanese coast, in the Damour area. The Cedar Island has even a website, with pictures strongly reminding us of Dubai’s "Palm Island".

Noor International Holding presents itself on the website as a company "specialized in real estate development, who acquired experience after developing since 1994 more than 12 projects in the Middle East and the Gulf region". But their "vision" goes even further as it aims to "(…)transform the virgin land into a blossoming productive community scoring a distinctive benchmark". This sentence is in my opinion more important than the project itself. It is the best starting point to think about the project before looking at how it has been perceived by the public so far.(...)»

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Fonte: Arab democracry