23 abril, 2004

Moçambique ratifica Quioto

The Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution ratifying the United Nations Kyoto Protocol on climate change.

Deputy Environment Minister Francisco Mabjaia, who introduced the resolution, said that "Although Mozambique makes a negligible contribution to greenhouse gases, we must think and act globally".

"The fundamental goal is to stabilise the concentration of man-made gases at levels which do not interfere with the climate", said Mabjaia. "We all have a responsibility to protect the planet", he said. "But Mozambique does not have the same responsibility as, for example, Japan".

Or the United States. The US is overwhelmingly the main producer of greenhouse gases. American industry, and American automobiles pour carbon dioxide into the atmosphere at a rate much faster than any other nation.

So far 61 per cent of the world's nations have signed, but they only account for 44.2 per cent of the 1990 greenhouse emissions.

Fonte: All Africa.com